November 20, 2016
November 12, 2016

EI控股有限公司 Early Infinity Holding Sdn Bhd

成立于2015年1月,由英国上市公司Early Equity PLC(EEQP)大股东组成专业团队并投入巨资的EI控股有限公司(Early Infinity Holding Sdn Bhd)在实达亚南(Setia Alam)占地3000平方英尺的4层高半独立式办公楼,展开了企业的全新篇章。从事具有极大市场潜能的健康与美容行业,EI控股不但为用户提供最优质的保健品及护肤品,同时也凭着“共创同享”经营理念为用户提供创业机会,以达到“消费免费、消费盈利、消费创业及创业致富”,协助每一位用户创建更美满、富裕的生活.


With the board of management formed by major shareholders and substantial investment from Early Equity PLC (EEQP); a listed company in the United Kingdom, Early Infinity Holding Sdn Bhd (EI Holding) was established in January 2015. EI Holding has kick-started its new journey in the health and beauty industry with its headquarters set in a 3,000-sq. ft., 4-storey semi-detached building located in Setia Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
In addition to its involvement in the health and beauty industry which offers a great market potential, EI Holding also offers premium quality healthcare and skincare products to consumers while providing a business opportunity to its products’ users based on its ‘We Build We Share’ business philosophy, allowing EI products’ consumers to achieve, “free consumption, consumption with profits, entrepreneurial opportunity and a sustainable entrepreneurial wealth creation channel”. With such unique business concept, EI Holding aims to assist its products’ consumers to achieve a healthier, happier and more prosperous living.
Based on the up-and-coming consumer trend where healthcare, beauty care and eco-green products offers a vast market potential, EI Holding will be conducting continuous research and development in the aspects of products and technology in order to provide the safest, most natural and most effective green products such as health supplements and food products as well as series of daily household products that meet the customers’ needs and market demand.
What’s more, in line with the progress of technology in communication and media, EI Holding aims to facilitate its business partners with a thoroughly planned marketing strategy by optimising the use of social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Twitter and other online features such as e-commerce and e-payment gateway, webinars and so forth. EI Holding strongly believe that the optimisation of social media and internet marketing tools will enable its business partners to easily obtain product information, perform sales transactions, inquiring relevant data, and even gaining access to online lessons and trainings.


Additionally, to ensure a sustainable growth and maintain its competitive advantage, EI Holding has formed an elite team comprising experts and professionals in various fields. EI management team possesses remarkable management skills and also the capability for further expansion and development. The strength of EI management team in various areas includes financial risk management, e-commerce operation, international retail chain management, online marketing of healthcare products and so forth.
On top of that, EI Holding also comprises a team of financial management and investment experts who have successfully helped established many local and foreign listed companies. Be it backend management support or customer service, EI Holding is utilising web-based management system to cope with the progress of future global communication.